History of church

Home of Jesus the King Church

Home of Jesus the King Church was established in the 20th of September 2009 from a prayer meeting started by Pastor Saleem Shalash and his wife Nisreen and some lovely brothers and there were seven people and our goal from the meeting was to be a gospel center for the neighbourhood that we live in.

However, since God’s plan is different from our plan and his ways is different from our ways so God blessed the meeting and the people that come to the meeting increased to 20 people so the house became cramped.

Then God gave us a vision to rent a house, next to our house to be a place for prayer because the number of people increased and in that house (that we rent) we spent two years with faith.

Not knowing how could we pay the rent price but the lord is trustworthy he predominated the need, and blessed the number of the people and became between 50-70 people and the place became cramped so we needed a bigger place.

In addition, the lord gave a vision about a new place through pastor Saleem’s wife .and showed us the new place that was a carpentry and a carpenter works in it and it wasn’t ready at all to become a church .and it was missing a lot of things like:

the toilets, slabbing, stairs to the Sunday school, painting the place and opening a new door to the place and it was challenge for the church .

However, God blessed the work for the whole two months, we worked together like one family, the lord gave us a new place to worship him, and it is the current church that we do our meetings in it.

In addition, it expands to 107 people, and it has a second floor for Sunday school and we thank the lord for this new place but today the church reached its members 105 members praying that the lord give us a new place that we could own it.

Because today we pay 1200 dollars per month. For the rent price and it’s a big amount of money for the church.

with the same price we could get a loan and buy with it our own church with the same price of the monthly payment but after 10-15 years the new place will be for the church so we pray that the lord accomplish for us this vision.